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Welcome to the Cleft Audit Protocol for Speech (CAPS-A)

The Cleft Audit Protocol for Speech- Augmented (CAPS-A) is an acceptable, valid and reliable tool used by Specialist Cleft Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) to evaluate and enable reporting on speech outcomes in Great Britain and Ireland. It has also been adopted for use in other countries worldwide.

The full CAPS-A course (two and a half days) and one day refresher  course cover the theory and practical components required to use the CAPS-A as an audit tool. The refresher course is for SLTs who have already successfully completed the full CAPS-A training course and it is recommended that   this is attended approximately every seven years.

CAPS-A training courses are delivered face-to face and are organised by the CAPS-A trainer group based on demand as communicated by the Lead Cleft SLT group in Great Britain and Ireland. SLTs working  outside of Great Britain and Ireland are also welcome to attend and a limited number of spaces are allocated to facilitate this at each training course. 

Details of all upcoming training courses will be available on this website once confirmed.

For further information regarding the CAPS-A tool, please refer to the following articles:

The Cleft Audit Protocol for Speech—Augmented: A Validated and Reliable Measure for Auditing Cleft Speech - Alexandra John, Debbie Sell, Triona Sweeney, Anne Harding-Bell, Alison Williams, 2006 (


Cleft Audit Protocol for Speech (CAPS‐A): a comprehensive training package for speech analysis: International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders: Vol 44, No 4 (


Supported by

The CAPS-A tool was developed by Dr Debbie Sell (Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Triona Sweeney (Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Dublin), Dr Anne Harding-Bell (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).

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