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Christina Cotter

CAPS-A Trainer & Website Lead

Christina Cotter is Senior Speech & Language Therapist at Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin, Dublin, the largest paediatric hospital in the Republic of Ireland, and part of the Dublin Cleft Centre. Christina is responsible for leading the national Speech & Language Therapy service at the hospital for infants and children presenting with cleft lip/palate and non-cleft velopharyngeal dysfunction.

Christina is visiting lecturer at Trinity College Dublin since 2012 for training of undergraduate Speech & Language Therapy Students in assessment and treatment of speech & feeding difficulties associated with Cleft Lip/Palate and Craniofacial Disorders. She was Chair of the Irish Cleft Special Interest Group for SLTs for several years and continues as an active committee member.


Christina completed a Masters in Cleft and Speech, with distinction, at the University of Sheffield in 2017. She has been a clinician for over 18 years, specialising in the area of Cleft Lip/Palate since 2007. Prior to 2007 Christina worked in community speech and language therapy services where she first developed an interest in working with children with severe speech sound disorders including cleft-related disorders.


Clinical / research interests

  • Infant vocal development, feeding, and attachment

  • Facilitation of safe, supportive infant feeding practices in acute paediatric hospitals

  • Infant, child, and family’s lived experience of feeding and speech disorders

  • Diagnostic assessment and therapy in complex speech sound disorders

  • Use of Ultrasound Tongue Imaging in diagnosis and treatment of complex cleft speech sound disorders.

Invited Presentations (selected)

2018 “Orofacial Assessment Masterclass.” Oral Presentation to Dublin South West PCCC Speech & Language Therapy Service, South Dublin, 24th July.


2018 “Breastfeeding in Infants with Cleft Lip/Palate and Co-occurring Medical Conditions.” Oral Presentation at Annual Breastfeeding Masterclass for Maternity & Paediatric Hospital Health Professionals, Dublin, 19th June.


2017 “Speech and Language Difficulties associated with Cleft Lip/Palate.” Oral Presentation at National Irish Paediatric Dentist group / joint Cleft Care pathway launch, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, 24th November.


2016 “Anatomical, Physiological & Psycholinguistic Aspects of Infant Vocal Development.” Oral Presentation to Irish Cleft SIG, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin.

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